Tulip Comfort Wear was set up from a personal need for clothing that is both smart and comfortable. Our bodies change contours through the day and Tulip offers comfortable clothing that is sharp and elegant as well. We use fine cotton spandex, and cotton poly spandex to give you a great fit in both style and comfort.


I was travelling a lot and wanted something that looked good, was comfortable for me to rest or even sleep in on a long flight, and was smart enough to get up and go to a meeting, straight off the flight. 

Most comfort-wear I found didn’t fit all requirements. They were comfortable, but often, too informal.

So, after hunting without success, I thought of making what I had in mind, myself. A friend who was into manufacturing offered support and I began the process of sampling for Tulip Comfort Wear trousers in 2019. I bought small quantities of different fabric, and experimented with several designs. 


Three considerations:

Three things were important. First, it had to be comfortable around the waist. Women’s bodies change contours through the month, the week and even the day. One meal can lead to bloating. Other trousers press on the abdomen. (The highest selling over-the-counter drugs are antacids). I wanted to be free of that. I settled on a broad and high waistband to minimize pressure on the abdomen. 

Second, I wanted the fabric to be soft, light and stretch. This took a lot of work, and was tough to find. Our quantities were small, and manufacturers were not in a position to process our request. But a few believed in us and extended themselves to help. In the end the results were good. Most of the fabric we use is cotton rich, and the really soft ones are up to 95 per cent cotton! You can sleep in these, and walk-stretch in them, if you wish.

Third, the cuts had to be flattering. This was crucial to the idea of Tulip Comfort Wear, the reason the project had begun – to have comfort that looks and feels swell. Thus, each design went back and forth several times over, in search of a sharp cut.

I wore each sample for several weeks, even months and when convinced that this was good to go, I’d sanction a design.


At Ease. Move on

I was living in Tulip Comfort Wear samples. Through the writing of a book project, I wore only Tulip Comfort Wear. It rid me completely of having to think of what to wear. That opened up a lot of mind space. At ease, I could simply move on with what I had to do through the day – write, exercise, run errands, without having to change attire at any point.

If I was stepping out, I’d wear a fresh pair of Tulip Comfort Wear trousers, a Tulip signature top, slightly formal shoes (I prefer smart, closed shoes), and a string of trendy beads, and was ready to meet with friends for dinner!



Tulip Trousers offer three lengths – Short, Regular and Tall.

It is important to wear a trouser and feel you are ready to go out in them. Many of us wear Large around the waist, and then have to deal with inches of extra length and wait for alterations. Tulip Comfort Wear rids you off this, with the three lengths its offers.


Why ‘Tulip’?

The tulip flower is known to genetically reinvent itself to suit changes in aesthetic value. In the Netherlands, the petals of the tulip flower became feathered and flamed with contrasting colours. In 19th century England, where the flower was planted as carpet bedding, the petals became pure, unadulterated pigment of one colour. It seems the flower can respond to what people around it value, or to what they wish it to be. 

Tulip Comfort Wear is designed to similarly respond to your body, and to keep it at ease, through the day. So that you can breathe deep, work-travel-lounge and move on with what needs be done…

Lastly, Tulips symbolize passion, belief and love.

That is what this project is about.

As a filmmaker and author, it is passion that drove me to start something outside my oeuvre; it is my unshakeable belief that this line of apparel can put you at ease as it did me, and it is love for the simplicity of concept and design which keeps me at it.


Vandana Kohli

Managing Director, Tulip Comfort Wear.



Our pants and lowers are specially designed to impart exceptional comfort. We work on the cuts several times over to make each style trendy, smart and easy to wear on the body.

The Tulip Signature tops, Tulip Classic Tee Shirt as well as the Tulip White Shirt are also classics, so that you have the flexibility to enter different spaces - formal-informal - through the day and continue feeling both comfortable and appropriately dressed. Throw in some beads around your neck, or wear loops around your ears and you are ready for a soirée with friends as well.


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